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At present, Bruce County, ON has a population of 68,423 people. Overall, the average population is growing at an average of 0.19% per year over the past 20 years. In the last two census, its population grew by 2,045 people, an average growth rate of 0.62% from 2011 to 2016.

Population is the sum of births plus in-migration, and it signifies the total market size possible in the area. This is an important metric for economic developers to measure their economic health and investment attraction. Businesses also use this as a metric for market size when evaluating startup, expansion or relocation decisions.

Statistics Canada. 2016 Census.
Last Updated: May 2017


60.6 per cent are part of its working-age population, or those between the ages 15 to 64 years old, while 15.8 per cent make up the younger population that will also be part of the labour force in two decades or less. At the present, 22,045 people are expected to retire in the coming years.

Ages chart illustrates the age and gender trends across all age and gender groupings. A chart where the the covered area is primarily on the right describes a very young population while a chart where the the covered area is primarily on the left illustrates an aging population.

Statistics Canada. 2016 Census.
Last Updated: May 2017

Household Income

With a population at 68,147 people, most inhabitants at Bruce County, ON are above the low income cut-off, or the income a person must earn to be considered to be part of the low income group. Majority are also above the 2,016 national median income of $70,336 per year.

The household incomes chart shows how many household fall in each of the income brackets specified by Statistics Canada.

Statistics Canada. 2016 Census.
Last Updated: September 2017

Labour Force

Employment Rates

Overall, the average employment rate of Bruce County, ON is dwindling at an average of -0.84% per year over the past 10 years.In the last census, its employment rate declined by 4 per cent, an average rate of decline of 1.39% from 2011 to 2016. Further declines in employment rates reflects positive economic conditions in the community, as more people are finding jobs and businesses are most likely thriving.

The employment rate chart shows the percentage of people of working age who are employed for each of the past three census years.

Labour Force by Industry

The industry that hires the most from Bruce County, ON's workforce is Utilities hiring 4530 people or 13.62% of the community's workforce. This sector comprises establishments primarily engaged in: operating electric, gas and water utilities. These establishments generate, transmit, control and distribute electric power; distribute natural gas; treat and distribute water; operate sewer systems and sewage treatment facilities; and provide related services, generally through a permanent infrastructure of lines, pipes and treatment and processing facilities. The second largest is the Retail Trade industry that hired 11.21% of locals. The third largest is the Health Care and Social Assistance industry, whose 3635 employees are from Bruce County, ON.

The labour force industries chart illustrates the share of different industries in hiring the labour force from Bruce County, ON. The largest portion of the pie chart represents the industry considered to be the biggest employer in the municipality.

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