Corporate Services

Corporate Services is responsible for the delivery of Financial Services, including Purchasing, in addition to Information Technology Services and the maintenance of the Administration Centre at 30 Park Street, and the Court House complex at 215 Cayley Street, both located in Walkerton.

Purchasing Division

This division Provides guidance and oversight of the procurement of goods and services for all Departments according to approved policies and procedures.

Facilities Division

The property Manager is responsible for the Administration Centre at 30 Park Street Walkerton and the Courthouse Facilities at Cayley Street Walkerton.

Information Technology Services Division

This division is responsible for delivering all aspects of information technology, including end user computing, server and network infrastructure, software licensing and voice and data communications.

Finance Division

Responsible for all matters that generally concern the finances of the County including coordination of the financial services for all Departments, including accounts payable and receivable.  The coordination of the annual budget, calculating the tax rates and collection of the County Levy paid by each lower tier municipality to the County.  A fine payment office for Provincial Offences is located at the Walkerton Administration Centre. 

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Bettyanne Cobean
Director of Corporate Services
Corporate Services
Location:  Walkerton Administration Centre Tel:  519-881-1291 ext 273


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