Workplace Mental Health Program

The leaders of the county have made a commitment to help staff on their mental health journey so that their time at home, at work, and in their communities can be the best it can be.

Workplace Mental Health Program

How we spend our days together needs to be healthy, both physically and mentally. It is believed that this program will help create a culture of support and awareness of mental health in the workplace. 

It is recognized that 1:5 Canadians suffer from some element of mental health illness and/or substance abuse. The County understands that a workplace is not always part of the problem, but we can always be part of the solution.

Bruce County starts the conversation about Mental Health in the Workplace

Walkerton, Ontario: The County of Bruce is launching a Workplace Mental Health Program for all staff with a focus on prevention, intervention, recovery and return to work. The program provides support to staff dealing with mental health issues related to work or not, which allows for a culture with a supportive mental health environment. The intent is to build awareness of mental health within the workplace and foster a supportive culture. Reducing stigma linked to mental health and increasing resiliency of staff are two promising outcomes of this plan.

Bruce County Council approved the new program on May 4th. When asked why, Warden Mitch Twolan responded:

              “Evidence states that 1:5 Canadians experience some form of mental illness every year. That requires the leaders of the County to take actions to protect and promote the health of our employee’s minds while at work. The County of Bruce is prepared to take the road less travelled as we introduce our Workplace Mental Health plan. This is our opportunity to look beyond obstacles and provide a culture to promote all health for our staff.”

Kelley Coulter – CAO comments that: 

                “introducing this campaign is the most important new corporate project for Bruce County in 2017.”  The awareness campaign is launched during Mental Health Awareness Week with the theme “Starting the Conversation”.

It will take time to experience the shift in culture at the County of Bruce. Starting now, staff will learn about what mental health is and what it is not as everything begins with knowing more. The county’s Health & Wellness committee will work with senior leaders to develop a long term action plan for change. Kelley Coulter encourages staff to access the resources available to them and states:

"helping staff with their mental health is essential because their struggles not only affect their well-being but the work environment too.”

To learn more about the program, download the Workplace Mental Health Program document below

Watch the Kick Off Messaging forwarded to all staff during the awareness campaign

Watch the Launch of the program - Bruce County Live Stream - May 4, 2017 - Executive Committee Report:   

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