The two free flowing rivers converging in downtown Paisley create a unique energy. An energy that is free, independent, ever moving and emulated throughout the town.

Downtown Paisley is where residents and visitors alike come to enjoy arts festivals and enlightening experiences while embracing the creative energy of the town.

Paisley Ontario

Purpose of a Community Toolkit

Paisley Community ToolkitThis Toolkit is intended to foster leadership and creativity while at the same time providing some guidance in terms of next steps and how to move forward in a consistent and coordinated manner. It provides a summary of the community’s identity and brand, an Action Plan and some tools to help get started. In order to support a coordinated approach, it is recommended that all community partners from suppliers and community groups to Town Council and staff embrace this Toolkit and follow this guide as closely as possible, recognizing that it is a living document that will evolve with time.

Paisley - Community Development Toolkit

View the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) map for Paisley

Get Spruced! - Business Handbook

Get Spruced - Business HandbookAs a local business in Paisley’s downtown, it is important for you to know what the Spruce the Bruce program is and how it can benefit your business. 

Years of meetings, strategizing and planning are now translating into action in Paisley’s downtown. 

It is now time for business owners, like you, to help build Paisley as an authentic tourism destination.  

View Paisley's Business Handbook

Paisley Mural Tour

Paisley Mural TourIn August 2018, Art in Action, an initiative inspired by the Paisley Community Toolkit, resulted in 5 large murals being painted in public spaces in downtown Paisley, together with 2 donated pianos, and a small retail addition.

View Paisley's Mural Tour



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Paisley is located in the Municipality of Arran-Elderslie

Arran-Elderslie is in the heart of Bruce County, close to many major tourist destinations. Retail businesses and manufacturing companies have found the municipality to be a great place to locate.


Paisley & District Chamber of Commerce

All Chamber activity is done on a volunteer basis and our mandate is to provide a voice for the business owners in the community.


Paisley Logo

Paisley’s logo stands out from the mainstream as it demonstrates the vibrant artistic nature of the community. A village that is truly inspired by the energy of the two converging rivers it pays tribute to its heritage, the rivers and the creative arts.

Download the Paisley logo and refer to the community toolkit for how to use it.

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We are a blend of entrepreneurial opportunity that spans energy and tourism, agri-business and culture, technology and retail.

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