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Bruce County 150

It was 150 years ago when the journey of exploration in Bruce County started and it has not stopped.

Our ancestors came by trails less travelled. Some walked, others rode oxcarts, and yet others were guided over the waters by the stars and sun. What connected them was their energetic sense of adventure and discovery. Equally important was their tenacity to keep the focus on both the journey and the destination. The place our ancestors found was Bruce County, but what has been discovered ever since has been amazing! Ours is a history of people, explorers from the very beginning. And from that perspective alone, there is much that connects our past to our present and much more that will continue to connect to our future.

Celebrating Bruce County’s sesquicentennial achievement of being an independent County government seemed like a good thing to do. And so the planning—and the journey began. Little did we know just how many wonderful Bruce County explorers and places our journey would connect us to! The goal of the 150th planned events was to showcase the “Explorers of Bruce County”. To collect these historic and current stories, an outreach trailer and a website were created. Many events and activities were held throughout 2017 to commemorate the 150th celebrations and put us in touch with all kinds of intrepid explorers. By having people share what Bruce County means to them, it has become possible to share their stories so they can be passed from one person or one generation to another. While each story is pretty amazing on its own, when they are shared as a collection, the history of Bruce County becomes even better. It has been an amazing journey!

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