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Land Use Planning - Saugeen Shores

The County provides professional planning advice, assistance, and land use planning functions to Saugeen Shores (Saugeen, Port Elgin, Southampton, Saugeen Township), on local development processes including applications for Minor Variance, Zoning By-law Amendment , Official Plan Amendment, Consent, and Plans of Subdivision and Condominium.

COVID -19 Cancellations

Please monitor the municipal website for notification of meeting cancellations. Should a cancellation occur, Public Notices will be re-issued once it is known when the file(s) will be re-scheduled for public meeting. Link to Town of Saugeen Shores Website

Local Official Plan Zoning By-law Maps

Available from this page are "as passed" with the original Comprehensive Zoning By-law 75-2006. To view all other office consolidated mapping, please refer to our Interactive Mapping program

Attachment Size
File Icon zoning by-law office consolidation - oct 2017 4.66 MB
File Icon saugeen shores op approved 2014 off consol sept 2014 0 2.22 MB

Lakeshore Planning Hub

Application Name Details
S-2020-001, L-2020-009, Z-2020-014, 15 Market Str Feb 2020
B-2021-006 Hennessy
B-2020-104, B-2020-105, B-2020-106, Z-2020-069, Earnest
B-2021-023, B-24, B-25, A-2021-021, A-22, A-23, Seaman
Sabbagh Z-2021-001
L-2021-006, Z-2021-043, Lamont
B-2021-032 A-2021-065 Packer
S-2021-006 Miramichi Shores
B-2021-064 Unifor
C-2021-017, Z-2021-058, Thorncrest
Westdell Z-2021-020, L-2021-002
Schrank A-2021-027, B-2021-043
Schrank A-2021-027, B-2021-043
A-2021-038 Howe
A-2021-037 Peirson
B-2021-032 A-2021-065 Packer
B-2021-093 Gurr
Z-2021-068 B-2021-077 Payne
Z-2021-073 Kingslake
S-2020-001, L-2020-009, Z-2020-014, 15 Market Street Sept 2021
A-2021-073 Mazer