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Social Assistance: The Ontario Works program is to assist people in temporary financial need to find sustainable employment and achieve self-reliance through the provision of integrated employment services and financial assistance. Basic financial assistance includes mandatory and discretionary benefits. Mandatory benefits are provided to eligible Ontario Works recipients and all members of the family unit.

Health Benefits:  Mandatory Health Benefits include prescription drug coverage for adults and dependents, vision care for dependent children and adults, diabetic supplies, medical transportation, contribution to assistive devices, repairs for mobility devices, routine eye examinations and extended health benefits.

Child Benefit: The Transition Child Benefit is provided to recipients with dependent children under the age of 18 who are not in receipt of the Ontario Child Benefit (OCB) and the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCSB). If a recipient receives a retroactive payment of the OCB or NCBS for the months in which the TCB was paid, all or a portion of the TCB is recovered from  the recipient’s basic financial assistance over a three-month period.

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