COVID-19 Readiness and Response Plan Updated and Visitor Restrictions at Gateway Haven and Brucelea Haven

March 14, 2020
To: Residents, Families and Volunteers of Brucelea Haven and Gateway Haven

From: Jill Knowlton, Chief Operating Officer (Primacare Living Solutions) & (Acting Director, Long Term Care, Bruce County

Re: COVID – 19 Readiness and Response Plan Updated + Visitor Restrictions

cc: Corporate Team, All JHSC Co-Chairs

Last night, Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. David Williams sent a memo to all Long-term Care Homes, Retirement Homes, supportive housing, hospices and other congregate care settings to only allow “essential” visitors. Essential visitors are those with a resident who is very ill or dying. This is an extreme measure; however, these are unprecedented times.

Today, Primacare has restricted all visiting in all LTC Homes – owned and managed. This step also includes implementing new screening measures and self isolation procedures for anyone who has travelled outside of Canada.

Primacare continues to limit access to each Home through the front door which will now be locked at all times. In the event that you are requesting a visit for compassionate reasons (severely ill or end of life), please contact the Home’s Administrator who will work with you to accommodate this visit. Please note that you will be required to pass the active screening process and where appropriate personal protective equipment must be used if required.

At all other times, you will not be permitted to enter the Home. We are encouraging all families to use virtual visiting through our Recreation Department (RL). Please contact the Recreation manager directly and they will be happy to work with you to schedule a virtual visit.

All other nonessential meetings are cancelled. If you have a care conference scheduled in the coming weeks, we will contact you to organize this to be conducted by telephone or through other means such as ZOOM, Skype, Facetime, etc.

We will be posting regular updates to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Thank you for your understanding and support during this critical time. We all share one goal – to protect our residents, staff and healthcare system.

If you have any questions, please contact the Home’s Administrator


Because we live in a time of constant change, your county government is doing what it can to manage change, stay ahead of the curves, focus on positive ideas and communicate with tax payers.

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