Brucelea Haven declared in Gastrointestinal Outbreak by Public Health

Outbreak Notice

Public Heath has Officially Declared Brucelea Haven in a Gastrointestinal Outbreak on 3rd Floor South

Thank you for using caution and choosing not to visit, or taking good care and following the very important infectious control measures. Upon arrival please check in with the nurse to receive education and any updates. A visitor restriction is in effect. Please use additional precautions when visiting. Wash hands before and after visiting your loved one and use hand sanitizer located by each resident room and throughout the facility.

Please do not visit the home if you are feeling sick or unwell. The best way to prevent the spread of germs is to use proper hand hygiene.

If you are visiting or providing personal care for your loved one, who is ill, please wear the personal protective equipment as listed on the isolation sign. Because Gastrointestinal Symptoms are highly contagious, we strongly advise visitors NOT to visit. Public Health will advise us when the outbreak is over. Please pass this message on to your other family members as well.


Because we live in a time of constant change, your county government is doing what it can to manage change, stay ahead of the curves, focus on positive ideas and communicate with tax payers.

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