Bruce County Affordable Housing Units in Mildmay Evacuated

Bruce County’s Affordable Housing Units at 4 Adam Street, Mildmay,Ontario were evacuated earlier this evening (Friday January 12) as a result of a major water leak at this property. Some residents were accommodated with their families, while others were provided with alternative housing.

The water leaked may have come in contact with suspected creosote and as a safety precaution, all measures are being taken by County staff to ensure that the building is safe before residents return to the site.

Bruce County staff have worked hard to ensure that residents were evacuated quickly and were placed in safe and comfortable accommodations since the water leak.

Kelley Coulter CAO for Bruce County comments, “The priority is with the safety for all the residents. Once the building is assessed to be safe, all residents will be assisted back to their homes.”

For more information, contact:

Name Kelley Coulter – CAO Bruce County
Department – The Office of the Warden & CAO
County of Bruce
Telephone Number or Email or 519-270-0728

Contact us
Kelley Coulter
Chief Administrative Officer
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer
Location:  Walkerton Administration Centre Tel:  519-881-1291 ext 280


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