Bruce Power and Bruce County hold second Ec

It was an eventful first year for the Bruce Power and County of Bruce’s Economic Development and Innovation Initiative. The initiative, which has a goal of attracting nuclear suppliers and other industries to Bruce, Grey and Huron counties, successfully saw 11 suppliers locate offices or commit to opening facilities in the region this past year. This includes Kinectrics, which committed to creating up to 50 jobs over the next several years in Kincardine and Teeswater, and Abraflex, a new Bruce Power supplier, which is operating a manufacturing facility in the town of Paisley. The expansions began as suppliers partnered with Bruce Power on its Life-Extension Program, which includes the Major Component Replacement (MCR) Project that begins in 2020.

Participants at Economic Summit get updated on Business Growth in Bruce County

Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s President and CEO, co-hosted the summit with Mitch Twolan, the Warden of Bruce County. Over 100 participants from municipalities within Bruce, Grey and Huron counties, local regional economic development organizations, and Bruce Power suppliers who have a local presence attended the summit, held in Walkerton.

“It was important for us to hold our second annual Economic Development and Innovation Summit so local stakeholders and suppliers could be up-to-date on the activities on the Bruce site, while seeing first-hand the success of the program, which is boosting local economies, creating jobs and seeing families move into the region,” Rencheck said.

Warden Twolan said Bruce County has been thrilled with the response of suppliers to date, and the benefits these investments bring to the local communities and residents.

“I hear from colleagues from other regions who are envious of the role we are playing in expanding the nuclear supply chain,” Twolan said. “We will continue to help businesses increase their footprint across Bruce, Grey and Huron counties, and we look forward to even more economic investment in our communities as Bruce Power’s life extension progresses.”

Ron Oberth, President and CEO, Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries, also announced at the summit that his group will be adding a part-time role in the Lake Huron region to connect its members and assist them in their new location.

Highlights of the summit included a keynote presentation from Robert Lavigne, Managing Director Economic Research for OMERS; an update from Rencheck on Bruce Power’s Life-Extension Program and community engagement initiatives; a panel of local suppliers on their experiences and insights since expanding to the region; a tri-county panel discussing community readiness to support growth; and a presentation from Sunil Johal, Director of the University of Toronto’s Mowat Centre, on rethinking community engagement in the digital era through technology, economic opportunity and policy.

About the Economic Development and Innovation Initiative

In 2016, Bruce Power and the County of Bruce launched a regional economic development initiative to facilitate the expansion of Bruce Power Suppliers into the region. This initiative was in response to Bruce Power’s multi-billion dollar, multi-year Life Extension Program. More information on the initiative can be found at

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