Bruce County Adopts Budget with 3.27% Increase

Bruce County’s Corporate Services Committee approved the 2018 Budget today. Warden Twolan stated, “I am pleased with the results of the budget deliberations. We have approved a budget for 2018 that invests in infrastructure and in services for people in need who call Bruce County home. The increase of 3.27% is before assessment growth and requires a net levy of $44,841,399,” he adds.

The review was extensive and the committee studied the following documents:

  • Draft operating budget,
  • Draft capital budgets, and;
  • Staff report of the 2018 consolidated budget.

The 2018 tax rates will be based on the new assessment and phased in assessment adjustments to be announced later this year. Given the investments in prior year budgets, there is confidence that the assessment growth will outperform the historical 1% increase further reducing the impact to the taxpayer.

This budget recognizes the following:

  • An investment in Affordable Housing and the County’s Infrastructure injecting a 6.67% increase of $650,000 new dollars into Capital. 
  • Operations being maintained at 2.27%.
  • The long term goals of Bruce County will be met through
    • the investment in people resources with additional headcounts in Human Resources, Library and Museum. 
    • The recognition in the need to shift to new collaborative technologies with the implementation of BruceWorX, which include tools to activate a highly collaborative, efficient and flexible working environment across the organization.

CAO, Kelley Coulter compliments her team and expressed that, “It requires collaboration, dedication and hard work to explore all options to recommend a budget for approval. The budget focuses on technological innovation and solutions in our service delivery model. Staff delivered a combined budget of 3.27% comprised of 2.27% increase in operations and a 6.67% increase for capital, while still investing in our programs, is a major achievement.”

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