What Do 5 Bruce County Staff Have in Common?

When Bruce County staff are given the opportunity to be innovative when faced with a challenge, amazing things happen! Pictured at County Council from left to right are Jill Roote, Melissa Legacy, Sherri Dillon, Warden Mitch Twolan, David Smith and CAO Kelley Coulter. Absent from photo is Kara Van Myall.

Bruce County Council took the opportunity to recognize the achievements of five staff at County Council on July 6th. “It’s important to identify the dedication taken to achieve outstanding results by staff”, says Kelley Coulter CAO Bruce County. “We ask our staff to turn obstacles into opportunities and solutions, and these five staff have done just that,” she adds.

During the summer of 2016, Sherri Dillon, Office Supervisor within the Highways Departments responded to the fire at the Wiarton Highway shop in a way that allowed operations to continue as smoothly as possible over the summer of 2016 and was instrumental in the planning of the new building.

David Smith, Senior Planner within the Walkerton Planning Hub is the county’s Community Emergency Management Coordinator. He designed an emergency management program for the county and arranged for an explicit safety awareness program for staff during Emergency Preparedness Week in 2017.

Melissa Legacy, Director of Library Services has advanced the Bruce County presence at the provincial level through her work at the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) advocating for rural libraries. She has been instrumental in leading the Library Services by meeting legislative requirements and as a result, her effort places Bruce County in a prestigious spotlight along with other Southern Ontario Library Services.

Bruce County launched a new Bruce Brand over the past year. Through the leadership of Kara Van Myall Manager of Corporate Policy & Economic Development, and the research efforts of Jill Roote, Senior Policy Advisory for the County, the roll out and adoption of the “Be an Explorer” brand has surpassed expectation. Their work contributed to having the ‘Branding Bruce’ project recognized with the “Award of Excellence – Brand Communications” at the recent ‘International Association of Business Communicator’s’ awards ceremony in Toronto.

“Taking the time to acknowledge the efforts of staff doing exemplary work is important,” say Warden Mitch Twolan. “We want to acknowledge their efforts and let them know that we are proud of them and proud of the work they are doing for Bruce County,” Twolan adds.


Because we live in a time of constant change, your county government is doing what it can to manage change, stay ahead of the curves, focus on positive ideas and communicate with tax payers.

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