Thanks a Tonne!

5 Tonnes of Hazardous Household Waste is properly disposed of with the help of the Tobermory Snowmobile Club.

When over 100 vehicles rolled into the St. Edmund’s landfill site on July 15th, the Tobermory Snowmobile Club was ready to help make sure that the household hazardous waste materials were collected and recycled.

“Knowing that over 5 tonnes of materials were properly recycled and disposed of would not have happened without the volunteers. A big “thank you” does not seem like enough”, says Bruce County’s Warden Mitch Twolan.

The hazardous waste collection event occurs once a year at the St.Edmund’s landfill site and is free of charge to residents of Bruce County.

If paint cans are piling up or oil is in need of disposing, bring the material to the next free household hazardous waste collection event:

  • August 19th
  • from 1pm-3:30pm
  • Eastnor Landfill Site
  • 1252 West Road, Lion’s Head

To learn more about Bruce County’s Waste Management Program – please visit

Contact us
Location:  Walkerton Administration Centre Tel:  519-881-2400


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