Land Use Planning - South Bruce

The County provides professional planning advice, assistance, and land use planning functions to South Bruce (Mildmay, Carrick, Teeswater, Culross), on local development processes including applications for Minor Variance, Zoning By-law Amendment , Official Plan Amendment, Consent, and Plans of Subdivision and Condominium.

Municipality of South Bruce
Municipality of South Bruce

Five Year Official Plan Review

The Municipality is undertaking a Five Year Review of their Local Official Plan. For more information on this project, follow this link.

Interior Planning Hub

Land Use

Neighbourhoods work better for all when simple rules and guidelines are followed. Land use and bylaw information is easy to find here.

Planning Map for South Bruce Zoning and land use map.

The County is committed to a meaningful community engagement process to help develop this vision. Visit

Application Name Details
41T-10-1.01 - Knox
B-46-17.06 - Groen
B-10-18.01 - Grubb
B-36-18.01 - Kupferschmidt
B-37-18.01 - Schneider
A-24-18.06 - Horst
B-52-18.06 - Whytock
A-37-18.01 - Dietrich
A-46-18.01 - Roxanne Roefs
Z-49-18.01 - Waechter
Z-52-18.01 - Schotman
B-82-18.01 - Schotman
B-82-18.01 - Schotman
Z-53-18.01 - Schotman
B-83-18.01 - Schotman
BCOPA235-18.01 - Schotman
B-83-18.01 - Schotman
BCOPA235-18.01 - Schotman
Z-57-18.01 - Becker
B-89-18.01 - Becker
B-89-18.01 - Becker
Z-67-18.01 - Larinc
B-110-18.01 - Larinc
B-110-18.01 - Larinc
BCOPA237-18.06 - Davidson
Z-75-18.06 - Davidson
B-115-18.06 - Dent
B-121-18.06 - Johnston