Land Use Planning - Huron-Kinloss

The County provides professional planning advice, assistance, and land use planning functions to Huron-Kinloss (Huron, Kinloss, Lucknow, Ripley), on local development processes including applications for Minor Variance, Zoning By-law Amendment , Official Plan Amendment, Consent, and Plans of Subdivision and Condominium.

Township of Huron-Kinloss

Land Use

Neighbourhoods work better for all when simple rules and guidelines are followed. Land use and bylaw information is easy to find here.

Planning Map for Huron-Kinloss Zoning and land use map.


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Application Name Details
41T-09-2.16 - Davidson
B-35-10.16 - Rajkovic
B-36-10.16 - Rajkovic
B-2-17.11 - Brubacher
B-78-17.16 - McClory
A-58-17.16 - McClory
B-79-17.16 - McClory
A-59-17.16 - McClory
B-83-17.16 - Devitt
A-28-18.16 - Laschuk
B-48-18.11 - Kikkert
B-57-18.11 - Brubacher
B-68-18.11 - Irwin
Z-63-18.11 - Alton
Z-77-18.16 - Cobean
41T-18-2.16 - Cobean
Z-77-18.16 - Cobean
B-122-18.16 - Farrish
B-2-19.11 - Martin
A-14-19.11 - Martin
A-21-19.16 - Parkwood Developments
B-21-19.11 - Martin
B-41-19.11 - De Boer