Healthcare, Schools, and Community

Here you’ll find close knit communities, smaller class sizes and a hospital never more than a 45-minute drive from anywhere in the County. Childcare programs and community programs for children, adults and seniors are a little different here, you become part of a family, everyone is looking out for you. We’ll share with you our safe neighbourhoods, supporting community services and local schools.

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Living Here

Take your time to explore unique towns, villages and lifestyle options in person. Everything else about living here is easy to find in this section of your web site.


Get closer to your family doctor, as it stands most specialty doctors are also moving here. Here you’re more likely to see your doctor paddling in the bay or grabbing their daily java downtown. You’ll find a hospital in most of the larger communities and clinics in the surrounding areas.

Hospitals, Defibrillators, and Long Term Care


It’s true we have less people here than in some of the surrounding areas, but this means smaller class sizes and a more family atmosphere. There’s a variety of Public, Private and Catholic schools – so there’s a good mix for all your schooling needs.

Community Programs

From financial assistance programs to childcare and learning programs – Bruce County is filled with opportunities.  Here is where you’ll also find business supports, including how to build your business to community development programs all in one spot.

List of Programs



Internet Providers

In a very tech driven society there’s a high demand for internet services and the common misconception is that we have no internet, well in some places that’s true, like in the Bruce Peninsula National Park or on the hike to your favourite lookout on the Bruce Trail, but most of the area is plugged in to the highspeed internet need by one or more of our internet suppliers below.


Tel: 888-345-1111


Tel: 888-477-2177

Max Isp

Tel: 519-422-0227


Tel: 844-831-5065


Tel: 855-285-1105


Tel: 855-623-0166


Tel: 844-730-8047

Bruce Telecom

Tel: 866-517-2000

GBTel Inc

Tel: 866-840-2858