Perpendicular Signage & Awnings Grant

The Perpendicular Signage & Awning Grant encourages businesses to revamp their perpendicular signs and awnings. This grant supports the purchase and installation of perpendicular signs as well as awnings within the downtown cores.


To support local businesses in making COVID-19 related modifications, the 2020 Spruce the Bruce grants have been amended for 2020.  The County will now fund 100% of Perpendicular Signage & Awnings projects up to $1000 to support business adaptations due to COVID-19.

Install a perpendicular sign or awning

Install a perpendicular sign or awning

Bring greater awareness to your business with a perpendicular sign or support curbside pick up by covering the façade with an awning.

Projects may include:

  • Purchase and installation of perpendicular signs as well as awnings within the downtown cores.

Perpendicular signs are signs that attached to the front of the building and are mounted so that the face of the sign is perpendicular to the normal flow of traffic.

Funds 100% of these projects, up to $1,000*

Taxes are the full responsibility of the applicants. Our perpendicular sign and awning grants are subject to funding availability and issued upon completion of the proposed work.

*Please note: Projects are funded on a first-come, first-serve basis until all of the $250,000 funding has been given to local businesses. Business owners may be placed on a waitlist if the maximum amount for their community has been allocated.

Who is eligible?

Applicants must be a storefront business or property owner within a Community Improvement Plan  (CIP) designated area with downtown commercial zoning in one of the following communities:
Allenford, Chesley, Hepworth, Kincardine, Lion’s Head, Lucknow, Mildmay, Paisley, Point Clark, Port Elgin, Ripley, Sauble Beach, Southampton, Tara, Teeswater, Tobermory, Walkerton and Wiarton.

Guidelines: Perpendicular Signage & Awnings Grant

  • Only applications that are submitted prior to purchase, fabrication and/or installation of the sign or awning will be considered.
  • Only grant applications that comply with municipal by-laws will be considered.
  • Improvements requiring a variance will not be considered unless unique circumstances (not caused or created by the applicant) exist.
  • Improvements must not interfere with sidewalk maintenance and pedestrian safety; which include the proper height and allowable encroachment onto the sidewalk.

Have questions or require more information?

Funding for all other municipalities in Bruce County has been allocated. Businesses may still apply and will be put on a waitlist. If funding becomes available for your project you will be noticed via phone and/or email.

If you have questions or need help with the application, don't hesitate to contact us at or 1-800-268-3838. 

If you would like to learn about other grants and supports offered by Bruce County or not sure if this grant is right for you, complete our inquiry form to receive more information.

The project may include collaboration with (but is not limited to) three or more of the following groups:

Spruce the Bruce

Application Process and Timeline


    Status of grant program

    Applications are now being accepted


    Submission deadline

    There is a continuous intake until grant money has been allocated.


    Application is reviewed

    Applications are reviewed and awarded on a weekly basis.


    Grant letter of offer

    If approved, the applicant receives a letter of offer that outlines the conditions and eligible grant amount.


    Project commences

    Projects must not have commenced prior to the awarding of the requested grant.


    Project completion

    Grant recipients fill in the online project completion form.


     Funds are sent to the recipient.

    Project completion is verified and funds are sent to the recipient by cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer.


    Grant program closes

    October 31, 2020

    All projects must be completed by October 31 of the same year. Extensions are not granted.

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