Facade Improvement

Clean, interesting, and well-maintained building facades communicate a sense of pride and commitment to the community and encourage passersby to stop and shop.

The Façade Improvement Grant encourages businesses to restore, upgrade, or otherwise improve their building facades.

Our Façade Improvement grants are subject to funding availability, and issued upon completion of the proposed work.

This grant funds 50% of facade improvements up to $3,000 for projects under $10,000. 
Eligible projects greater than $10,000 may receive up to an additional $1,000.

Applications from South Bruce Peninsula and Township of Huron-Kinloss communities are eligible to receive up to an additional $3,000 matched cash contribution for projects less than $10,000 and an additional matching $1,000 for projects over $10,000 provided by South Bruce Peninsula and Huron-Kinloss Council.

(Example: For an facade improvement project in Ripley that includes brick re-pointing, painting, siding and fascia signage update that costs $13,000, Bruce County would fund $4000, the Town of South Bruce Peninsula would fund $4,000 and the recipient would fund the remaining $7,000.

Eligible enhancements include

Downtown Facade Improvement Guidelines

Façade Improvements projects must include a minimum of three (3) items from the following list as part of their grant application in order for their project to be considered for funding. Projects that include perpendicular signage or awnings may apply for additional funds through the Perpendicular Signage & Awning Grant. 

  • Exterior building painting
  • Architectural feature improvements / amendments / additions
  • Exterior lighting / front illumination for signage
  • Replacement / removal of siding
  • Re-pointing of brick/stone
  • Installation of new masonry / stone work
  • Brick restoration / cleaning
  • Other renovations / improvements could be eligible if they meet the objectives of the program / design guidelines

To be eligible for an additional $1,000 funding from Spruce the Bruce, the application project must total over $10,000 (before tax) and utilize at least three (3) items from the list above and implement at least one (1) of the items from the list below.

  • Replacement of windows & doors
  • Fascia signage improvements
  • Permanent outdoor planters/ accessories (shutters, trim, glass repair)
  • Permanent exterior accessibility ramps
  • Other renovations / improvements could be eligible if they meet the objectives of the program / design guidelines

What is not eligible?

  • Roof Repairs
  • Interior Improvements
  • New Building Construction​
  • Backlit signage. (*Please note: neon, backlit signage complements both Sauble Beach’s Retro Beach Brand and its Community Design Toolkit and would be considered suitable signage materials for applications from this community).

The following guidelines focus on suitability and compatibility issues affecting Façade Improvement Grant Applications in “Spruce the Bruce” designated downtowns. Keep these guidelines in mind when completing a Façade Improvement Grant Application:

  1. Only applications that are submitted prior to purchase, fabrication and/or installation of the sign, awning or façade work will be considered.
  2. Only grant applications that comply with municipal by-laws will be considered.
  3. Improvements requiring a variance will not be considered unless unique circumstances (not caused or created by the applicant) exist.
  4. Improvements must not interfere with sidewalk maintenance and pedestrian safety; which include proper height and allowable encroachment onto the sidewalk.
  5. Façade improvements should add to the character and value of the downtown. The work proposed should reflect the community design identified in the community toolkit
  6. Façade improvements may include signs. (Since it is difficult to produce backlit plastic panel or molded signs which reinforce the desired atmosphere and/or character of downtown, these types of signs are not encouraged and are not likely to be approved for funding)

What Is needed before I apply?

Design Assistance/Funding: An additional $300 in creative design/art rendering services funding from the County may be available upon review of the project. Applicants are encouraged to contact the County of Bruce and / or their local municipality before making an application for planning / design assistance

Have questions or require more information?

Spruce the Bruce

Application Process and Timeline


    Launch of the grant program



    Applicant submission deadline

    Intakes close at the end of each month until grant money has been allocated.
    ex) 1st Intake March 1 -  March 31, 2nd Intake April 1 - 30, etc...


    Application is reviewed

    The applicant is notified of application status by the end of the following month


    Grant letter of offer

    If approved, the applicant receives letter of offer that outlines the conditions and eligible grant amount.


    Applicant returns signed letter of offer

    The applicant signs and returns the grant letter of offer


    Project commences

    Projects must not have commenced prior to the awarding of the requested grant.


    Project completion

    Grant recipients fill in the online project completion form.


     Funds are sent to recipient.

    Project completion is verified and fund are send to the recreant by cheque or Electronic Fund Transfer.


    Grant program closes

    October 31, 2019

    All projects must be completed by October 31 of the same year. Extensions are not granted.