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Bruce County’s Planning and Development Committee adopted the “Find Yourself in Bruce County” Economic Development Strategic Plan for Bruce County. This Plan outlines the framework and the steps that will be undertaken over the next five years to put the conditions in place to realize the County’s long term goals around Economic Development.

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The “Find Yourself in Bruce County” Economic Development Strategic Plan is as unique as Bruce itself. It is intrinsically linked to the true essence of what makes Bruce - Bruce - to those who live here and those wanting to call Bruce their home. Kelley Coulter, CAO of Bruce County stated, “The strategy is the direct result of input from members of our internal and external community. It builds on our strengths and provides a realistic pathway for sustainable economic growth.”

Warden Twolan notes that, “A tremendous amount of time and thought went into the development of the five year strategy to ignite the local economy and create a positive impact on future years. We look forward to the opportunities that will stem from the collaboration with our local municipalities, leaders and stakeholders.”

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