Spruce the Bruce

Spruce the Bruce supports local community efforts to facilitate long-term downtown revitalization plans, bringing together stakeholders to build community capacity and assist with strategic policy and capital investment. The program provides communities with the resources to develop strategies and implementation methods necessary to maintain and grow healthy commercial areas in association with the County and various partners.

Spruce the Bruce

Spruce the Bruce is a local community improvement initiative created in 2011. The program generates social and physical change in rural communities, improving local quality of life and creating attractive, supportive business environments.

The grants that are awarded, help Bruce County’s business communities with funding projects around façade improvement, streetscape beautification, among others. 

Spruce the Bruce Applicants have until October 31, 2017 to submit the project completion form

Project Completion Form

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Spruce the Bruce
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Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for education and mentorship, an established business owner who wants to spruce up their storefront, or a community ready to join the business development movement our supportive team members