Permanent Galleries and more. Explore the rich history of Bruce County and its people at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre

The permanent galleries explore the history of Bruce County from its geologic beginnings. Discover the hardships, successes and stories of our early settlers at the ‘Kennedy Brothers Shanty’ and in ‘The Last Frontier’. Jump aboard the ‘HMS General Hunter’ to learn about the war of 1812 battleship and its discovery under the sands of Southampton’s beach. Converse with the storekeeper in ‘Bevan’s General Store’ and explore the inventions of the twentieth century in ‘Rise of Community’. Enlist in the 160th Bruce Battalion to learn what life was like as a soldier in the trenches of the First World War. Finish your visit off with a walk through the gardens to SS No. 10 Amabel schoolhouse, the MacKenzie log cabin and Stokes Bay Range Light.


See 360 degree view of Bevan’s General Store

Curatorial Assistant Laura Leonard explains the different types of exhibits that can be found at the Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre, which include in-house exhibits, the permanent galleries, partner-based shows, and traveling exhibits.

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Permanent Galleries at the Bruce County Musueum and Cultural Centre

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